Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hat Talk

Listening to NPR in the car on the way to the coffee shop this Sunday morning, I was given a moment of inspiration. Click and Clack muse on on the qualities of various headlights. While I find it all mildly amusing wouldn't it be exciting to have a resource for fashion, better yet hats? Fedora vs. Trilby. Sinamay vs. Straw. Thrilling. I must admit to the bias of being a milliner by trade, but I still think its worth a go. We have a "Car Talk" why not a "Hat Talk"?

Although I don't have radio air time at my disposal isn't a blog better yet. New to the blogging world I can't promise consistency but will do my best to provide hat information, resources, and inspiration to the hat fashion community. And it's not your grandmother's hat anymore. Gone are the conventions of crown and brim. No more stuffy shapes or tacky trim. Think fashion forward, youthful and easy to wear. Breaking news of the trendy feather "fascinator" and the mini-cocktail perch.

Well, here's to the hat and all its potential.... be sure to follow emilliner to see where they may go!

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