Monday, September 21, 2009

Hats an Anthology by Stephen Jones

So I've re-fallen in love with the Indianapolis Public Library once again. Bless them they've gone and gotten the best hat book out there in years! Tragically unable to cross the pond for London's V&A Museum exhibition sigh.... I have the next best thing, book in hand! If you want to see what a hat should be check out "Hats an Anthology by Stephen Jones". He was the first to bring back the hat as a fashionable piece of art in the 1980s and continues to innovate today. Along with Philip Treacy, Stephen is the king of hats in my book. "Hats an Anthology" is a delightful read with lots of great photos, inspiration and hat history. Along with this killer hat quote from John Galliano:

You shouldn't ask 'why do you wear a hat?' What you really should be asking is 'why are you not?' I can't imagine leaving the house without a hat. How can a look be complete without a hat? From a cap to a full-on fascinator, the hat is the accent the exclamation mark, the finishing note that punctuates the whole look.

I totally agree!  Be sure to check it out (once I've finally decided to stop renewing)

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