Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lodge in the House

So how lucky can a gal get?

Well I've hit the jackpot. Since moving to Indianapolis the community has welcomed my new business with open arms, but my biggest supporter happens to be the good folks at Lodge Design. (Oh and their logo happens to be a steak, yum!)

My talented fiance is lucky to work this super creative design firm located in Irvington. I am always amazed at what these guys produce and reminded once again of all great art happening right here in the Midwest. Check out their website and see what I mean!

Not only do they know good design, but they support the other arts with their talent as well. Everything from film to music to fashion is better with Lodge on its side. These guys know their business and are helping to spread the Emilliner word. Huge thanks to Lodge for the lovely Chatter box post!

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