Friday, October 16, 2009

Midwest Fashion Week

Midwest Fashion Week is in full swing! Congrats to the talented fashion students at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. The Thursday night show was a success and I was pleased to see a few toppers from the hat making workshop that I held last month.

Today's happening at the Arts Garden with the MWFW trunk show and I'm pleased to have a booth next to Catherine Fritsch. Her excellently crafted pieces have a luxurious touch and great attention to detail. I will definitely be keeping my eye on her upcoming lingerie line Sweet Revenge. Valentines Day anyone?

I'm also loving my fellow vendor Biana Sharp ofPax4U. Her amazing "hip bags" and
truly that- super chic bag that can be worn at the hip. Discard those old 80's fanny packs today and try one of her ergonomic, earth-friendly designs.

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