Thursday, November 19, 2009

Road Trip!

There is nothing better than the spontaneous road trip. The gods were smiling at me yesterday when two friends rang me to suggest an impromptu trip to Louisville to see a show. To my delight AA Bondy was opening for one of my all time favorites Elvis Perkins in Dearland.

The show was at a bar called Zanzabar, and it couldn't have been a better destination. A little off the beaten path, Zanzabar's black and white tiled exterior boldly displays a graphic "Z" and welcomes music lovers into a cozy, slightly retro interior. A mini restraunt offered yummy dinner special of roasted winter veggies and salmon-very tempting. At the back was the up close and personal stage. The place was brimming with a variety of folks enjoying microbrews and whiskeys alike. I know I'm diverging from hat land for this blog but my night wasn't without millinery spotings. Many a fedora and even the occasional porkpie were present.

Down to brass tacks- the shows were great. So full of energy in such a close knit atmosphere. I am always struck by the amazing song writing of Elvis Perkins. The eloquent lyrics were only heightened by the full sounds of the band playing a wide range of instruments. My favorite was the bass drummer who spilled out into the crowd. In fact AA Bondy and the Woes (pre pre band) joined in on the Dearland fun for an awesome singalong.

Ahhhh.... its so good to get that breath of fresh air from a trip outside daily routine. That and live music is always an important reminder to the good stuff in life. Purchased an AA Bondy CD which will be playing alongside Elvis during my next hat making session. It doesn't get better than this!

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