Monday, November 30, 2009

Milliner Monday: Gehry joins the ranks

This news story is a few weeks old, but I thought it would be the perfect way to introduce my new post feature "Milliner Monday". Each week I will spread the word about a new/exciting/beloved fellow hatter.

I firmly believe that anyone can make a hat. I often find that the most inspired millinery creations are born of a multi-discinplinary approach to design and technique. I find especially intriquing/relevant the connection between architecture and millinery. The first challenge of millinery is to make something that will stay in place on the head. It truly takes an engineering mind to meld imaginative design with the practical function of headwear. I've often wondered what kind of a hat an architect would design and last week I found out.

Famed architect Frank Gehry joined the millinery ranks with his hat designed for Lady Gaga. Pairing with Prada, Gehry created the hat to be worn at the MOCA 30th anniversary gala.

In his own words Gehry explains his hat challenges:

I find it very interesting that even a designer with such skills as Gehry's still finds the head a difficult canvas. Lady Gaga put her own spin on the hat to help with its wearability. According to one story online she folded the hat in on itself. Experience in wearing a hat is key to the process of making a successful hat. Clearly Lady Gaga has worn enough hats to know what works, and I was delighted to see the collaboration that went in to the creation of a unique piece. On its own the hat isn't a favorite, but I think the ensemble works well and was most likely a stunning part of the Francesco Vezzoli show.

The hat is up for auction (along with other costume pieces) through December 20th and is valued at $30,000.

Love it or hate it, its another instance of a modern millinery success and I can't wait to see more hat collaborations!

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wow wow wow! i DO love it and what a fantastic post. thank you!