Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Etsy Spotlight: spinthread

Today's Etsy Spotlight is one of my favorite sellers. Since my first cross-stitch lesson as a child, I've always loved to embroider. It runs in the family, and my grandmother's house always had those pictures or pillows of fruit and flowers made from heavy wool stitches. The technical term is "crewel work"- to create a slightly raised stitched design using wool thread or yarn. Spinthread's collection Maranon is evocative of this traditional technique but her perspective is so fresh and modern. The geometric patterns of her designs are graphic and clean yet soft from the cotton thread. They invite you to run your fingers over the surface. The colors are fantastic, and I especially enjoy the process photos of the work on flickr.

She also makes a mean pom pom and has a few headpieces as well.

Cheers to Spinthread for creating such unique fashion with traditional methods.

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