Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Etsy Spotlight: twoknit

Today's Etsy Spotlight follows my knitting preoccupation. While venturing away from the trusty scarves into patterned territory, I'm appreciating the time and talent it takes to make all those pretty pieces I see everyday on Etsy.
And there is none more talented than to seller twoknit. I first fell in love with the Romantic Crochet Cuffs. With a slight nod to victorian aesthetics, the knit spats and fingerless gloves are lovely and feminine. The knit hats are sweet and look warm as well.
What I also really love about this shop is the family crafting tradition. The shop was opened by Eve Neuhart and her grandmother Martha Villa. Originally from Argentina, Martha began knitting at an early age. She began to knit professionally in the 1960s, moved to the United States and worked for a boutique in Beverly Hills. There she created the crochet hats for Ali MacGraw in Love Story and even taught Natalie Wood to crochet baby clothes

Eve was an early knitter as well, her first projects being knit animals. Now at sixteen (she's still in highschool) Eve and Martha sell their lovely wares on Etsy. Eve's mom Roxana started with Etsy first with her store Illuminated Perfume. What a talented family! Read the full story here and see lots of cute pics (my personal fav is Martha knitting on the beach with her cousins).

Again I am amazed at the importance of passing down knowledge to the next generation. So much can be lost without that personal teaching connection. I feel lucky to have had great teachers both in knitting and in millinery. Here's to keeping the crafting traditions alive!

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