Monday, December 7, 2009

Milliner Monday: Dache did it from bed!

Milliner Monday highlights the famous Lilly Dache. This special lady will need more than one post, but today I'm inspired by one of the wild and over-the-top stories about her millinery lifestyle.

I could give you her bio break-down: Born in France (of course), immigrated to New York in the 1920s, millinery sales clerk at Macy's 1924, opened her own millinery shop, conquered the world of hats etc. (See bio for more complete info)

What most delights me about this lady is the wonderful aura of glamour, luxe lifestyle, and millinery confidence that Dache gives us through her book "Talking Through My Hats". In it we see life through Lilly's eyes- and she isn't shy:
"I like beautiful shoes in gay colors, with thick platforms and high heels. I like splashy jewellery that clinks when I walk, and I like my earrings big. I am... Lilly Dache, milliner de luxe."

On this cold and snowy winter morning I couldn't help but think about taking a clue from how Lilly did business. Never the early riser Dache would conduct her morning business from bed (think 18th century madames and their levees). She would buy supplies, dictate letters, delegate and design, all while swathed in her leopard-skin rug. The legend says that some mornings even a bubble bath didn't get in the way of the millinery schedule. Yep, that's the life of a "milliner de luxe". Until I get there I'll settle for my cozy chair by the fire, comfy afghan and laptop. Besides there are too many pins involved to make hats in bed.

But hold on, there is so much more Lilly to come! Look for part 2 somewhere around New Year's when I'll talk about Lilly's time capsule and penchant for toads!

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