Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gift Ideas?

Hat Inspiration Pic of the Day: Pom Time

Its always the moment I dread come this time of year. It's December 3rd, and once again I'm late at brainstorming crafty gift ideas for the family and friends. The trouble is I always want to make a neat/practical gift and never allow myself enough time to complete the project. Since my aunt Helen taught me to knit at age 10, I've relied on this good old skill for many an occasion. I think it's the perfect year to revisit the craft- I'm envisioning cozy nights by the fire, needles clicking.

I'm on the internet looking for simple, quick knits but am enjoying finding all of the great fashion pics with the patterns. I've gotta say this is one of my favorites. I think its the guy's smile- he's proud of his hat. What do you think, can I get my fiance to go for one of these? I think they're too good to be true- as long as he wears the turtleneck!

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gposhadlo said...

I think Nate will totally wear one of these. Mostly because he'll be proud of his hat and even more proud of his lady.

I'm going to be knitting a fair amount this Christmas as well...but all scarves, cuz I'm not good at anything else.

On the flip side, I already have your gifty and you're going to lervvvvvvvvve it!