Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hand-made from the heart

It feels good to sit down at my computer after a nice week long vacation. After much eating, traveling, and merry making today is back to the schedule (blogging, emailing, yoga, cleaning). It was a wonderful year for hand-made gifts, and I'm proud to share the latest emilliner design- a men's felt fedora (soon to be on etsy). My first men's hat in over a year went to my wonderful dad who is one of my biggest supporters. Nathan also received one along with a custom pillow (made from a great tee-shirt from isotope on etsy).

On the receiving end, I was lucky to get three very special homemade gifts. My father (who went to design school in Chicago) drew a very sweet picture of our new home.

Nathan (inspired I think by my snow blog) created a lovely print commemorating our Chicago days.

My mother, one of my earliest crafty teachers, made me two sets of winter hats and mittens. Check out the especially warm felted mittens and vintage inspired knit kerchief. She's so talented!

Nathan and I have been wondering what our special Christmas tradition will be and I think we've come up with a good one.

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gposhadlo said...

Emily! What lovely gifts! Thanks for sharing them with the world.